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Phoenix Water Heaters

97% Efficient Hot Water and Heating

The Phoenix Gas Fired Water Heater is an extremely versatile appliance that is efficient, reliable and easy to install. It is super quiet and has a low NOx rating, making it the right choice for today’s environmental concerns. The Phoenix can be used in restaurants, schools and homes within a wide range of applications making it today’s choice in water heating.

The Phoenix is a super insulated stainless steel water storage tank fitted with a combustion chamber submerged in the tank water. When the burner is fired, the hot combustion gases heat the combustion chamber walls, transferring the heat directly to the surrounding water. The hot gases travel into the secondary heat exchange coils where even more heat is transferred to the water condensing the combustion gases and wringing yet more heat from the gases. Finally the cool, low NOx combustion air is vented via plastic pipe to the outdoors.