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SuperStor Solar

The SuperStor Solar Water Heater is designed to absorb the sun’s energy from a solar collection system, transferring that energy  to the  internal heat exchanger of the tank. This provides  an abundance of usable hot water with the utmost efficiency . The patented process of injecting foam into the insulating cavity of the storage tank, provides superior insulation and durability. Encased in an attractive plastic jacket, The SuperStor Solar features a high performance copper-nickel heat exchanger mounted in high quality 316L stainless steel tank providing  many years of reliable operation and durability.

The Superstor Solar  is available in two designs, the SuperStor Solar SE with a  back up electric element  and the SuperStor Solar SB with a  heat exchanger for boiler back-up. If the sun is not providing enough solar energy to meet your hot water demand, the back up system will take over.  This efficient, reliable solar water heater system will provide many years of efficient water heating.