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HTP Versa Hydro Boilers

Imagine a system that can provide hot water for the domestic system, radiant heating, hydro air and even solar assist all in one appliance. With the Versa-Hydro™ the designer has an extremely versatile appliance that can be used in many commercial and residential applications. 

Modern homes along with current lifestyles, multiple bathrooms, and whirlpool tubs need larger amounts of hot water to meet peak demands. The Versa-Hydro™ is capable of delivering up to 314 gallons of hot water in the first hour with the added benefits of 96% Thermal Efficiency and an insulated tank that loses a ½ degree F per hour in standby heat loss.

The Versa-Hydro™ comes standard with auxiliary ports on the domestic storage side that allow contractors additional flexibility to easily install extra storage tanks or connect air handlers directly to the system.  Whatever your requirements, the new Versa-Hydro™ can provide abundant hot water in one compact, highly-efficient appliance.

The Versa-Hydro’s™ advanced mod-con technology delivers a thermal efficiency of 96% and utilizes a 0 to 10 volt variable speed pump to reduce electrical and gas consumption without sacrificing comfort. The high output heat exchanger generates up to 135,000 BTU/h for space heating, with system isolation for low temperature baseboard, radiant
heating and hydro air applications built in.