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The Barrier: Concrete and Radiant Floor Insulation

The Barrier™ underground insulation is a high-performance, ease to use and cost effective material for all of your underground and under concrete insulation requirements. The core component is an extruded expanded polystyrene (EPS) material with a tough, heavy-duty 3mil polyethylene film laminated to both sides. Along the 60 foot edge of The Barrier, there is a 1" overlap of film running the length of the material with an aggressive double-faced adhesive on the bottom side of the overlap. This allows one roll to be "butted" up to the next roll, expose the back of the tape, compress - and you have a seamless closure that will not allow the transfer of heat / cold migration and will completely eliminate the transfer of all forms of moisture. Contact us for details.

 Roll Size Roll sq.ft. Coverage sq.ft. Shipping Weight Special Price
4' x 64' 256 sq.ft. 256 sq.ft. 22 lbs $195.00


Heat / Cold Migration

The Barrier™ provides excellent resistance to the transfer of heat and cold energy. By utilizing an extruded EPS foam for our core component, the material effectively creates an "igloo" effect. Think of it this way. Have you ever held hot coffee or an ice-cold beverage in a thin foam cup? What happens? You're able to hold that scalding cup of coffee or that freezing cup of ice in your hand without feeling the effects of the contents. A normal foam cup is 1/16" thick - can you imagine how well The Barrier performs with a thickness that is 6-16" (3/8") thick? It goes without saying - it works extremely well - as laboratory testing has shown.

Moisture Transfer

The other critical area for an underground insulation material is its ability to stop all forms of moisture transfer. Because we've used an extruded EPS - we can laminate the heavy-duty polyethylene film to both sides. This combination of extruded foam and heavy film completely stops -100%- of any and all forms of moisture transfer.

The Barrier™ is the hottest product on the market today for a couple of simple reasons. (1) IT WORKS BETTER THAN ALL OTHER MATERIALS (2) It's cost-effective (3) It's easy to use. No other single application material is a thermal barrier, a vapor barrier, and a moisture barrier all in one. Rigid Insulation? NO. Rigid insulation material crack and break everytime it's walked upon. Once this happens - you've effectively eliminated the whole purpose of the product.  Can you walk on the flexible Barrier™ - YES! The Barrier material is formulated for performance.


The applications for The Barrier Insulation are many and varied. However, The Barrier Insulation was specifically engineered for under the concrete applications as a vapor, moisture and thermal barrier to conduction.

Other suitable uses are sub floor insulation (as in Warmboard, wood floors, carpet, tile, marble, stone work etc..), Basement Insulation, Concrete Insulation, Concrete Slab Insulation, Basement Wall Insulation, Slab Insulation, Basement Floor Insulation, Basement wrap, Snow melt systems, Concrete Road Projects, Bridging anchors, Culvert, Canal, Pool, Pond, Jacuzzi, Wet wall shower –steam & sauna, Landscape paths & water features, driveway, warehouse, ramp, retention wall, soil stabilizer, ground void forms, Asphalt Roads, Retrofit basements interiors and existing concrete or wood floors for moisture- vapor and thermal barriers, Frost Break in 4’ perimeter around structures where code requires, Masonry walls that are not to be furred with wood, between floors on joists, Plumbing - utilities Trench and hot walls, Hydroponics Operations, Tree Farm, Organics, Sound Barriers between floors, and the list goes on and on.

Other applications include horizontal vapor barrier, frost break under the soil in a 4' width around the foundation, all concrete form vapor barrier applications including driveway, highway, bridging anchor, utilities, HVAC, Plumbing, Hot Tub, Pool, Spa, Steam Room, vertical interior wall in a retro fit application, under crawl spaces, hot wall entry and exit areas, cool deck & stone paths - prevents mineralization and many more uses.


Installation of The Barrier Insulation is quick and easy. All that is required is a measuring tape, utility knife and some black vinyl seaming tape for the custom fabrication areas. The Barrier Insulation come with a self adhesive tape edge on one side and an 1”+ overlap of plastic seaming flap on the opposing side along the 60’ length. Simply cut The Barrier Insulation to the desired length and lay it down, cut the next length and butt the foam edges together – pull off the cover on the tape edge- overlap the seaming flap and presto you have a seamless floor from edge to edge.

When utilizing The Barrier Insulation for concrete radiant floors we recommend that you roll the edges of The Barrier Insulation up the stem wall the depth of the pour to create a thermal pan to pour into.

Note: These typical property values are intended as guidelines only, and not as specification limits. R value means resistance to heat flow, the higher the R value the higher the insulating power.