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Laars Mini-Therm JVS 160


Laars Mini-Therm JVS 160

$ 2,075.00 $ 2,473.00

Extremely popular with homeowners,  JVS models offer a new attractive and easy-toservice jacket. Well-known for their economy, both models come with a built-in draft diverter and automatic vent damper to stop your valuable fuel payments from disappearing up the chimney in wasted heat.  JVS-spark ignition models also use the on/off mode for the two smaller sizes (50 & 75), but offer energy saving "Low/High" firing for sizes 100, 125, 160 & 225. The advantage is that 2-Stage firing allows the unit to match the heating load requirement, reducing shortcycling in homes that have small heating zones that don’t require the full boiler capacity...another way to save energy.

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