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Radiant Heat Products for Radiant Heating Systems and Radiant System Design

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We sell many High Efficiency Boilers including Argo Boilers, Buderus Boilers, Elite Boilers, Elite FireTube Boilers, Laars Boilers, Munchkin Boilers, Peerless Boilers, Pioneer Boilers, Phoenix Boilers, Versa Hydro, Versa Hydro Solar, and Viessmann Boilers. We also carry accessories and components such as pex tubing, manifolds, thermostats, boiler controls, fittings, expansion tanks, control panels, air vents, pressure regulators, backflow devices, pumps, and other products to complete your radiant system.

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We are a full service Radiant Heat supply company offering Radiant Heat Design Services, Full System Estimates, and Complete Technical Support to DIY’ers, Contractors, and Architects. We have designed thousands of low cost radiant heat systems across the United States and Canada. Our staff has over 20 years of field experience. We know what works!

What is Radiant Heat or Radiant Heating?

Radiant heat transfer occurs when infrared light leaves the surface of an object and travels to the surface(s) of other cooler objects. Unlike conduction and convection, radiant heat transfer does not require a fluid or solid material between the two objects transferring heating. It only requires a space between the two objects. The radiant energy only becomes sensible heat when absorbed by a surface.

The radiant heat emitted by the relatively low temperature heat emitters used in hydronic heating is technically described as infrared electromagnetic radiation. It’s simply light that the human eye can’t see. However, other than the fact that it’s invisible, infrared light behaves just like visible light. It travels in straight lines at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second), and can be partially reflected by polished metallic surfaces. Unlike warm air, radiant energy travels equally well in any direction. Up, down or sideways, direction simply doesn’t matter. This characteristic allows a heated ceiling to deliver radiant heat to the room below. The radiant heat emitted by a warm floor, wall or ceiling is a completely natural phenomenon that’s literally as old as the universe itself. A surface warmed by sunlight gives off infrared radiation just like one warmed by embedded tubing.