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I have dealt with several heating companies in the past for numerous projects, but High Card Heating Solutions is the Best Company that I have had the utmost pleasure in doing business with. The quality and workmanship is excellent and they excel in what most companies lack and that is customer service. Daryl is the best there is and he was available either by phone or email. He walked me through the whole process of Radiant Floor Heating and all of the options available for my project. They even have an option (that I did take advantage of) in which they mount your whole heating system, including the boiler, on a four by five foot, 3/4-quarter inch thick plywood panel and ship it to you. All I had to do was mount it on the wall and that saved me a lot of time and money. Now how can you beat that! Furthermore, Daryl was available by telephone in case I needed help with any part of the connection and/or operation process. My heating system runs beautifully and I can hardly hear it running while I am standing in front of it. I get a kick out of watching it work and I wouldn't change it or anything else about it. Many thanks to the employee's at High Card Heating Solutions for assembling my system and especially Daryl, who made everything possible.

- Daniel Pinto - New York, NY


Fabulous service and pricing. We had no heat or hot water since the end of December and thanks to Daryl, we are back in business! Prices were better than our contractor could get.....even they were impressed with the cost and service! North of the border!

- Martha Paridaen, Alberta, Canada


I got the Tekmar 261 control today. Thanks for the fast service. Blessings!

- Doug Wenger


You can add me as a happy customer, and one who will return if necessary. After my Grundfos pump packed it in, I talked to Daryl about a replacement, or possibly a Taco substitute. After discussing the situation, Daryl steered me to an alternate and much cheaper Grundfos unit. It arrived lightning quick, I installed it per his advice, and it works great. It's a pleasure to deal with someone knowledgeable, helpful and friendly with good advice and great service. You can add this to the testimonials page Daryl.

- Bob Bogash Hansville, Washington


Thank you very much. I received the boilers and vent kits. I am recommending you guys online at every chance I get. I have 4 brothers and one sister that are as handy as me, and there is no doubt they will all order through you guys. Within the next two months, my father will be purchasing two boilers through you also. He has already agreed to do so, but is working on getting his radiators first. You guys are really great with the customers and your technical advice is excellent.

- Marianne O'Grady


I'm an established Architect in California, and have an good ole AO SMITH BOILER and radiant heat in my home I've been in since 1949. I added a room on the home with a concrete slab and decided after it was done to add radiant. I called and spoke with Daryl the owner and immediately found a new friend. We spoke many mornings at length on the best way to retrofit. We came up with an ingenious system! This person is absolutely fantastic. I purchased a whole new system to replace the old and I feel like a kid with a toy. Their costs are the best anywhere and the service is impeccable! And shipping was FREE. I can't say enough about this company. In this day of big companies and the fast buck, they are a wonderful throwback to the gracious mom and pop store. Thanks again! Phone 925-930-9241

- Alan G. Estrada


Just a short note to say thanks again for the great customer service in replacing the universal sensor on my Tekmar 256 boiler control. Even though I threw away the old one because it had failed you still sent me another at your cost in very quick order. The unit works great and, with the anticipated cost of gas for this heating season, will probably pay for itself this year! Again, thanks for the super service not to mention the great price! It is companies like yours that reaffirm my faith in e-commerce and offset those who would choose not to respond or simply say "tough luck". I highly recommend your company to anyone looking for Tekmar or any of the other companies that you represent. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

- Jeff Doyle Malden, MA


I would just like to thank you again for the outstanding service and equipment you've provided for my little house in the country...As you know, we have an 8' plus or minus frost line and it was difficult to decide how to do a heating system and what kind to use since I did not want to have a basement or garage attached. Kind of weird for here, I know. Daryl, you were exceptional in guiding me through the different types of boiler systems available and making sure I didn't overspend for a bigger system than I needed. Marty was amazing with all the help he provided setting up the system guidelines and materials layout so that I could utilize one boiler to heat both the house and garage. It was a big space and money saver for me. When it was -11 and the windows were still not all installed (only covered with typar), the contractors were amazed that they could work in short sleeves. The house and garage are toasty warm and the boiler is not running constantly. The separate zones you helped set up are working great. The HVAC contractors were also amazed at the value added service you both gave and how reasonable the equipment and materials were. In fact my contractor could not purchase the same quality equipment or materials at a lower cost in our area and he was pushing hard to find equal valued materials on the internet. He had not found anyone or place that gave the value added service you provided. You go above and beyond expectations and the equipment is efficient, quiet, reliable and economical to operate." "Again, thank you for your outstanding service, expertise and just general pleasure in doing business.

- Pam Terry Roseau, MN


Thank you for all your assistance and certainly your expertise. You always made yourselves available for a question and took the time to answer it, it's so nice to deal with people who know their trade. I'm glad I hooked up with guys.

- Michael Aresenault Tewksbury, MA


I'd like to send out a very big thanks to your organization. In October I purchased 4- 250' foot rolls of 1/2" kitec with 8 fittings. There was a mix up in getting the order out and after a phone call to the folks on your end, I'm sure they went through great lengths to get the order out and sent it via next day at no extra charge. This is excellent customer service for an established customer, but I was a first time do it yourselfer and got the same red carpet treatment, for an internet order. This is simply amazing in this day and age. I was extremely happy with the Kitec product and have sent everyone who has asked, and some that haven't asked, to your website for any radiant heat products. Thanks very much.

- Andy Kelly Dubuque, IA


Finally got a chance to thank you for your assistance in helping me select the right boiler for my application and your expertise in answering installation questions. I am very happy with my trinity wall mount boiler and the efficiency of providing both heat for my radiant floor system and domestic hot water. I have a radiant floor project coming up in a few months and i look forward to working with you on that. I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of any of the products you sell.

- Ernie Germano Ulster Park, NY


Daryl, I wanted to express my thanks, first for the extra effort on getting my boiler/accessories to me and secondly, for crediting my account for the returned (unused) part. It was a pleasure doing business with you and you can be assured that I will recommend your company to anyone I know looking for heating products. Feel free to use this if you would like. God Bless

- Dan Sabol Ovid, NY


Just got to tell how happy I am with the boiler you sent up to me. Last year my heat bill from middle of January to middle of February was $441.00. I got my bill for the same period for this year the other day and my bill was $164.00. Wow! I know that there are factors that could have made it higher, but still. I haven't paid over $200.00 in a heat bill since conversion in mid-November this winter. Usually I have five/six months where the bill is over $200.00.

Thanks again.

- Dean Kalbfleisch Anchorage, AK